Dr Jeremy Siegel, Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Senior Investment Strategy Advisor of WisdomTree Investments, Inc



Impressed with your knowledge!

Paddy Osborn, Academy Director at London Academy of Trading; ex MD at TA Knowledge Limited



Ricky's knowledge and understanding of financial markets has always impressed me, both from a technical and fundamental perspective. It is therefore no surprise that his trading track record is so outstanding and I'd trust him with my money any day.

Ravi Nursey, Head of Corporate Sales, America at ANZ; ex Director at Dresdner Bank AG



I selected Ricky out of a batch of 50 MBA graduates to join the ANZ Grindlays Treasury team handling FX Spot, Swaps &Depos in 1991. He was a keen enthusiastic trader and was soon adept at trading both spots & swaps. He loved the challenge of figuring out where markets were headed, and he was an integral part of the team that built the institutional market making profile of Grindlays as one of the Top 2 banks in India. Ricky excelled at any task given to him; loves trading; and most importantly is an excellent team player. He will go out of his way to help his colleagues and was always a loyal and reliable person. I would feel very safe as far as investing money with him is concerned, and have no doubt that any portfolio under his direct supervision will consistently outperform.

Tarun ‘Viki’ Saigal, Chief Operating Officer, Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank



I have known Ricky for many years and that goes back from the time he was a fresh graduate on the dealing floor. Ricky is and has always been a very high energy, enthusiastic and 100% engaged in every aspect of markets - from dealing techniques and technicals to risk management. He is a man of many talents and has his love for his family and giving back to society as strong on his agenda as is his passion about financial markets.

Manoj Mahadev, Deputy Head of Trading, EmiratesNBD Bank



It has been an honour working with Ricky at NBD. He is a multi asset class player with a special emphasis on Forex Trading. He was an asset to NBD & a substantial contributor to the proprietary trading books of the bank. His greatest strength is the innate ability to spot trend changes &capitalise on those moves. His technical skills are impeccable with special focus on candlesticks. His trades have a sound fundamental reasoning backed by technicals for appropriate entry & exit points. Its difficult to sum his qualities in a para. All I can say is GRAB HIM for asset allocation & delivering alpha!

Rajiv Bhambani, Controller Investment Banking, ANZ Grindlays Bank, India



Met Ricky in 1992 when I joined ANZ Grindlays Bank in their Investment Banking Operations area. What immediately struck about Ricky were his unlimited energy levels and the unending desire to learn more and deliver more. A very strong extrovert personality, Ricky soon graduated into a young currency and money markets trader in Mumbai in the market of the early nineties. He displayed not only strong market making skills with consistent trading revenues, but at the same time a balanced focus on stop loss management and building up profits in a disciplined manner.

Atheeqe Ansari, CEO, Electric Way; Director EMCO International DMCC



Having known Ricky for many years, i've had the pleasure of being privy to his wealth of knowledge of financial markets, commodities and real estate, including many others. His expertise and track record in trading currencies and other financial instruments while mitigating risks and ability to separate emotions from trading decisions is commendable. Hence when he started his new venture, Trading Portfolio, it was a natural decision to work with them. The attention to detail and the transparency that they consistently strive to provide sets them apart from the rest of money managers out there. Most importantly however, having known Ricky in a personal capacity, i have always admired him for his ability to fight for what is right and support the weak and this trait including others in his value system is what makes him a genuinely good human being who i trust and respect. His Top Qualities are: An Expert with Great Results and High Integrity.

Nick Allsop, Senior Director – Interest Rate Trading, EmiratesNBD Bank



Ricky was one of the most technically proficient people I have ever worked with. His product knowledge was immense and he used this to very good effect in his trading. He was also an outstanding 'man-manager', who never offered me anything other than total support. He was very open to new trading ideas and encouraged innovation and 'out of the box' thinking from his team. It was a pleasure working for Ricky!

Krishna Kumar, Advisor to Chairman of National Bank of Egypt; ex Deputy CEO of Ahli Bank, Qatar



As a person whom I have been associated with for over a decade I do appreciate the skills that Ricky possesses and brings to bear in his professional role. The good understanding of financial markets as well as the leadership that he provides to the team does make a difference. At no point does Ricky allow his "can do " approach affect the risk /control perspective that he has to integrate into his role. A great team player Ricky makes a difference to any group that he is in and can be counted on to deliver the goods in any situation that he may be pitchforked into.

Malcolm D'Souza Head of Treasury & International, RAK Bank



Ricky is a committed and results focused banking, financial markets and risk management professional. He has worked along side me for years, with a high degree of integrity a proven track record and valuable experience in India and the Gulf region. He has displayed incisive analytical skills and is able to apply himself to any challenge thrown at him. He is a willing and dedicated trading and risk manager who has a good grasp of various market scenarios, he is a great asset to have and a person you can certainly trust and rely upon.

Hamid Lahooti, Owner, HHL Consulting; ex-CTO, Strategic Asset Management Solutions



I had the privilege of working with Ricky in my roles of Programme Manager and later Head of Market Risk. As Deputy Treasurer, Ricky was the driving force behind the large change programme that replaced the Bank's legacy Treasury system with the industry standard Kondor+ Trading and Risk Management system. On Risk Management, Ricky was instrumental in setting up the Treasury Middle Office and Product Control functions for managing financial and operational risk of the Bank's multi-billion dollar diversified investment portfolio that the board had entrusted to him. Ricky is a driven, discreet and prudent investment manager with high regards for safety of his clients' assets.

Muhammad Aslam, Director Liquidity, GE Capital; ex Treasurer RBC Capital Markets USA



It's a pleasure having known Ricky. Professional discussions over the state of financial markets or evaluation of financial products, particularly in the Middle East, tend to be thought provoking. Wish him best of success with his entrepreneurial venture.

Iqbal Noor, Human Resources Advisor, dU; ex Business Partner – Consumer & Wealth Management at National Bank of Dubai



Ricky is an upfront, straightforward, talented person, who was passionate about his role and contribution to the Bank and in a personal capacity to the community. Ricky made several important contributions to NBD's Treasury team and was a key player in the Group. He has a sharp business focus and is also keen on developing people - you dont often get those two things at the same time.

Sayanta Basu, MD at LKP Global, Singapore; ex Senior Investment Officer, Dubai Group



Ricky has a very good sense of the capital markets including Foreign Exchange. He is a very good trader and knows how to make money. He has a very good understanding of global trends and how prices are going to react to different scenarios.

Syed Karim, President - Middle East Operations, Haldiram Foods International Ltd (India)



Ricky is not only an ethical professional who takes his work seriously, but he ensures a quality service through an optimal usage of an empowered team. His appetite for knowledge, analytical skills and due diligent approach has made him a conscientious business manager with highly competent multi-tasking abilities and a strong predictive ability as far as financial trends are concerned. I am proud to have known him for nearly two decades, and speaking in the capacity of a client, I'm happy to say that he can be fully trusted to handle financial portfolios of respectable sizes by any prospective investors. Year first hired Ricky as a Business Consultant: 2011. Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Kailash Dudeja, Treasury Product Controller, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank; ex Head of Treasury Operations, ENBD



Ricky sends positive vibes to everyone and is very approachable. He is always willing to help people and is a great team member. Ricky has excellent knowledge in Treasury products is a reliable and a good human being. I have personally learnt a lot during my interaction with him in SCB and later in NBD. We have together achieved tough targets within minimum time with ease and confidence. Ricky has contributed positively towards generation of large revenues and was instrumental in creating the KWD & SAR SWAP book. He is a very sensible person and works hard towards delivering quality output to the organization. He has long term vision and ensures his team members enjoy working with him and are well rewarded for the great work done by them.

Rainer Schmidt, Financing Manager, Norecom Germany



Ricky has extensive expertise in Forex options, futures & deriviatives, besides a wide range of knowledge as a business consultant. It is a pleasure working with Ricky, and we have found him very trustworthy at all times. He advised us on appropriate FX hedging strategies, and gave us remarkable support and training in finding solutions for complex FX transactions which resulted in significant dollar savings and better and much more consistent results for our company.

Moufak Al-Khafaji, Manager - Middle East Desk, BCA Research



Ricky is a an astute hard working working professional with an eye for opportunities and great attention to detail. His dedication to his focus is to be very much admired and this should as act as an example to others. Coupled with his thirst for knowledge and his willingness to learn, Ricky has the attributes and skills to succeed and reach his expectations.

Dr Mohan Agrawal, Professor - Marketing, IMT Dubai; Founder Director, Jaypee Business School



I have known Ricky since 1991 as my student at XLRI Jamshedpur India and reconnected with him three years ago more strongly in Dubai. Ricky is not only someone with a sharp financial mind in tune with tomorrow's markets, but a genuine and trustworthy person as well. His ability to engage people at all levels and his constant desire to learn is trait truly worth emulating. With his strong focus on risk management, I feel secure in the knowledge that he can create consistent returns and relationships with the client. Above all, he is a 24by7 client server and a true follower of the Triple bottom-line in any relationship; Profit, People, Passion.

Sunil Madhan, Head of ALM, EmiratesNBD Bank



It was a great experience working with Ricky. He is a true professional and possesses leadership qualities. Always comes up with solid recommendations / creative ideas that have resulted in increased revenue for the bank. Knows his job well, very good communication skills and ready to share his knowledge and information with others. Last but not the least he knows how to get the best out of you.

Saad Siddiqi, Regional Sales Manager, Specialized Sports Equipment (Polaris UAE)



I've had the pleasure of working closely with Ricky and I can honestly say that he's one of the most focused individuals I've ever met. Although Ricky's strengths lie in all areas, be they conceptual or analytical, what truly sets him apart is his vision and the ability to understand the big picture and what needs to be done to get from point A to B. Ricky is also an excellent man-manager who understands the strengths and capabilities of those who work under him and is able to get the best out of them as well as empowering them to raise their performances. On a personal level, I've learnt a lot from Ricky and would strongly recommend him. In short, if you want a job done well, then Ricky's your man.

Nirmal Kotecha, Director - Technology, Eclat FZC



I have known RIcky for almost 7+ years, first as friends and then as business partners , so the insight I have on him is from close quarters. He has excelled in all companies he worked in or headed and ONE of the most important attribute that makes him special is he is passionate about everything he does. The success he has achieved relentlessly over the years , with his go getter attitude in tow , is also because he has led from the front with clear vision and conviction. It gives me pleasure in recommending Ricky and his expertise to everyone.

Richard Kallabat, CEO, Keller Williams Realty, Miami



What makes Ricky special in addition to his concise knowledge, panoramic vision, and superior leadership is his ability to share and empower those around him as he is genuinely excited to see others prosper. His passion for helping those in need (charity work), and his love and devotion to his family makes him a completely balance person with high moral character. Pleasure to work with...

Vikrant Pangam, Managing Director - Abu Dhabi, The Sovereign Group



I got to know Ricky as a client first in 2010 and I must admit the efficient, professional manner in which he deals with us. The biggest asset he has acquired so far is the network of valuable people and the subsequent relationship with the network. Ricky is a seasoned business professional who keeps up with the dynamics of the business environment he operates in. With his years of experience and expertise in the Financial Markets, Ricky continues to impress me with the accuracy of his buy/sell/hold recommendations.

Virginia La Torre Jeker, J.D., US Tax Attorney and Contracts Manager, FEMC



While Ricky & I have been family friends for nearly a decade, I have always found him to have a critical and insightful mind, especially when it comes to financial markets. Most important to me is that Ricky has proved himself time and time again to be a dedicated, trustworthy and loyal person.

Ayadh Farooq, Director National Development at dU; ex Senior Divisional Head UAE National Development, National Bank of Dubai



I found Ricky a very conscientious, meticulous and caring person. He was very detailed oriented and his knowledge and application of understanding, analyzing and explaining financial markets was unique and surpassed others in similar positions who I have dealt with in the past.I found Ricky a very trustworthy person and he goes highly recommended in my humble opinion.

Philippe Collot, SVP Group Corporate & Finance at WISeKey; Co-Founder at Allianz Hedge Fund Partners; MD at Citibank Alternative Investment Strategies



I have know Ricky for quite a bit of time now. Professionally - a trader with clear analytical and execution skills, well recognised in the market. Personnally, a very generous and ethical person with high integrity, always ready to help others.

Peter Greaves, Director, Head of Financial Markets at McArthur Murray Executive Search



Ricky is one of a rare breed of people that exude trust. I’ve know Ricky for the past four years & in that time have witnessed an historic, large & ever growing number of people who respect & trust Ricky implacably. Business associates rapidly become trusted friends, friends become business partners. It’s a difficult balance mastered by few. Ricky’s technical ability in financial markets are unquestionable but I do believe his greatest strength is his character, his communication skills & his ability to win the hearts & minds of people regardless of religion, color, creed.

Moira Robertson, Executive Director, APREA (Asia Pacific Real Estate Association), Singapore



I have now known Ricky Husaini for over 4 years and have found him to be an informed, intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable investment professional. Ricky understands the nature of investing across different asset classes and countries and has experience in global investments working in the Middle East and across Asia for a number of years. His execution, due diligence, understanding of financial markets, trading and risk management along with being a trust-worthy individual have made him a reliable, safe and pleasurable individual to do business with, I can't recommend him enough!

John Filmeridis, GM, Middle East & North Africa, Standard Chartered Bank



I was truly privileged and lucky to have you in my MESA team. The outstanding achievements and contributions of Treasury as well as the commitment we had to each other to excel individually and collectively as a team will remain unforgettable.

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