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Trading Portfolio [TP] has established its account with an internationally well established multi-asset class platform on which the TP as well as all our client accounts will be opened. The portal is regulated by the Central Bank and does over $2bn of transactions on a daily basis. All exposures will be created - and ring fenced - within one portal.

Each client will open their account with the chosen platform independent of TP and will transfer monies directly to the bank which holds the segregated funds for the platform. The client will give TP a limited Power of Attorney to trade on their behalf without any authority to move funds out of the clients' account. TP will only have the right to create and square off market positions on behalf of its clients, and will not have the right or authority to move money out of any of its client accounts. All clients will have exposures created at the same time and at the same rate courtesy the platform allocating one block trade to all constituent accounts in a pro-rata basis at the same time and same rate. This aggregation of business which TP will facilitate will give individual clients access to spreads and pricing normally only reserved for large volume institutional clients, saving them a significant amount of money on execution costs.

The clients will also have online access to their accounts and will be able to see the exposures and Mark-to-Market of the positions on a realtime basis. TP will send a weekly report to each client independently which will summarise the risk and returns of their portfolio on an ongoing basis.

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