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I like to trade short term. At least 75% of my trades will be intraday; none will have a holding period of over three months. I am sensitive to execution costs and dealing ethics, and will ensure that all client exposures are created at the same rate at exactly the same time the positions are taken by our team. Exposures will constitute a global macro portfolio having 20 highly liquid set of predetermined underlyings across FX, Bond, Equity & Commodity markets.

I like to be a bit of a contrarian. Iíve always been good at identifying peaks and troughs across different markets & time periods. I tend to stay out of euphoric markets since I am not comfortable buying high(er). I also donít panic and bail out. I like using technical analysis to highlight when markets are turning around from extremes, and candles are great - for cakes as well as charts. I hate fear, hope and greed. If I feel any of them when I am holding a position, I get out. Period. I do like gut feel though. At some level, I believe that dealers are born, not made. I always have a stop loss in place when I take on a position. That stop loss is placed in the market and the only time I change it is when data comes out against me and I do not wait till the stop to exit.

Which brings me to what I pride the most. Iím no genius at figuring out what is going to happen tomorrow, but Iím good at living to fight another day if I get it wrong. I sometimes average on a losing trade, but not till it breaks the bank. Position sizing and limiting leverage are other tenets of my trading activity. I donít believe in home runs; slow and steady wins the race for me. Iíd rather be a successful tortoise than a fallen-from-grace hare. If you want to trade, you have to have discipline. And Iím lucky I had a great teacher, who won the Presidentís Award as a Police Officer. My Dad.

Time for me to get to work. This company and the trading Iím setting out to do is the culmination of many many years of preparing myself to get here. Thank You for reposing your trust in me. I will try my best to never let you down.

Ricky Husaini

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